Bali Beach Tourism – Why Bali?

By | Februari 15, 2021

Bali Beach Tour is indeed the main attraction for travelers to come to the Island of the Gods. The rows of beautiful beaches make it a really recommended place for a vacation.

Then what makes Bali beach tourism different from the others? Check out the following reviews.

● Beach tourism in Bali has World class Panoramas

It is common knowledge that the beaches in Bali have extraordinary natural beauty, especially the spectacular beach views. But what is truly special and spectacular about Bali’s beaches is their diversity.

Bali beach tourism not only provides beaches with white sand that stretches between calm turquoise sea water, in several places in Bali, you will also find beaches with striking black sandy bays, while in several other places you will find beaches with unique rock formations.

In Bali, every beach has its own character and atmosphere, there are beaches for surfers and even some of the best in the world !, beaches for families, hidden beaches for people who want to retreat and beaches with every modern facility such as resorts, hotels and restaurants.

A number of the world’s top artists have visited Bali and they admit that Bali is a dream destination. An island of gods that is truly a paradise. Like Kuta Beach Bali

● Travel Beaches and Spirituality

Talking about Bali beach tourism is not only about the beautiful and enchanting scenery, but also about the spirituality that is present in it.

Sabut alone Tanah Lot Beach which is one of the Bali beach tourist destinations that combines beautiful panoramic elements with spirituality. Until now, Pura Agung Tanah Lot, located in the middle of the beach, has become one of the most famous landmarks in Bali.

Tourists who come to this place not only enjoy the beautiful sea views, but also enjoy the spark of spirituality through the sacred water cave under the temple. This water is believed to be able to increase one’s life energy and spirituality

The combination of a beautiful beach panorama with spirituality, is able to present an extraordinary spiritual experience, and makes an impression on the soul!

● Beach panoramas with the best Golden Sunset

Bali beach tourism offers the best moments of the sunset process. The tourists call it the ‘Golden sunset’.

Several beaches in Bali provide this epic moment, namely Kuta, Jimbaran and Seminyak beaches, all three are beaches with the best views to enjoy the beauty of the Golden Sunset.

The view of the sun setting on the horizon as if slowly sinking into the sea and leaving a tinge of golden yellow and soft lavender, will give a romantic impression and really touch the soul. Many travelers from abroad, specialize in coming to Bali just to witness this, how about you? . Go to Pandawa Beach Bali

● Travel Beach with warm weather

Although both are in the tropics, the beaches in Bali have relatively warmer weather and are not as hot as on other tropical beaches.

The island, which still has a lot of dense forests, is estimated to be one of the reasons why Bali tourism has relatively cool weather compared to beach tourism in Java, Sumatra and Kalimantan.

The temperature in Bali ranges from 26 to 31 degrees Celsius, this weather is perfect for sunbathing on the beach because it is not too hot and relative.

● Friendly people

The hospitality of the Balinese people is at the core of the intrinsic charm of the island of the gods. People in Bali are unique souls with a philosophy of life that is upheld. They really appreciate nature and its surroundings, and they are very friendly to everyone even to them

In Bali, the human touch is a classic aspect of a Bali beach holiday. You can mingle with friendly locals and understand their high spirituality. The simple life of the Balinese people is colored by daily rituals and celebrations that are very unique to behold.

● Beaches and Traditional Food

Not only are the beaches attractive, the food in Bali is also very attractive. You definitely won’t go hungry in Bali, because there’s no reason not to try mouth-watering local dishes.

Balinese cuisine is officially declared as one of the most complex cuisines in the world. Using various natural spices with fresh vegetables, fish, and meat, Balinese cuisine is highly recommended for you to try.

There are also many halal food scattered in Bali, so you don’t need to worry when hunting for culinary delights in Bali.

● The combination of cultural beach tourism

What is more unique than the beaches and natural beauty in Bali, is Balinese culture. When visiting a number of beaches in Bali, you will find several cultural performances that are held on the beach, namely the Kecak dance which is held on Tanah Lot beach every weekend.

In addition, when doing beach tours in Bali, you will find a number of ‘offerings’ or ‘offerings’ that are placed by the sea. This is a form of Balinese ritual to thank nature.

● Cheap vacation spot

There is nothing more exciting than the cheap holiday costs, and the cost of having a vacation to Bali, very, very cheap. With Bali beach tourism which is equivalent to tours in the Mediterranean sea, you only need to spend less than one million.